Business Continuity Plan

In the event of a business disruption, Goodreid Investment Counsel Corp. will adhere to its business continuity plan. This plan is designed to safeguard the interests of our clients, while providing an alternative means to quickly restore and resume business operations. Our plan details procedures that address both internal and external significant business disruptions. Internal business disruptions affect only our company's ability to communicate and do business with our clients (ie. fire, flood, loss of electrical power, etc.). External business disruptions affect the operation of a number of firms and financial markets, therefore eliciting extensive disruption. (ie. pandemic, terrorist attack, natural disaster).

Our business continuity plan focuses around providing: alternative communications with clients, employees, regulators, financial institutions and carrying brokers; data backup/retrieval and alternate physical workspace. Goodreid's commitment is to ensure clients have prompt access to their investment accounts in the case of such an event.