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Are Stocks Expensive?

18 August, 2020

A common assertion made by investors these days, both novices and pros alike, is that stocks are expensive after the fastest and sharpest recovery from a bear market in modern history.

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Shopify: Canada’s Latest & Greatest in a Long String of Shooting Stars

14 May, 2020

We’ve likely all heard by now the breathless media accounts of how Shopify last week overtook Royal Bank as the largest company in Canada with a market capitalization of $127B.

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A Note To Our Clients

16 March, 2020

I’m writing to you in this time of market volatility to provide reassurance that Goodreid is maintaining its long-established investment approach and to give our perspective of the current state of the financial markets.

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Banks & Mortgage Stress Tests: Fuelling The Fire

19 February, 2020

This week, the federal government announced that it is changing the stress test rate for insured mortgages starting April 6th. Good news for the banks. Bad news for aspiring home buyers.

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Bringing Home The Bacon

18 December, 2019

That’s exactly what the U.S. consumer is doing for the economy. In a $22 trillion cauldron, consumption makes up about 68%, or $15 trillion of U.S. GDP.

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Saudi Aramco IPO: Fun Facts

11 December, 2019

Saudi Aramco is +10% in its first day of trading after the IPO which raised $25.6B USD.  Today’s price values the company at $1.88T USD…somewhat below the Prince’s aspired for $2T, but a princely sum nevertheless.

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A December To Remember

04 December, 2019

Of course, that phrase has become familiar because of a car ad on TV, but its applicability to the stock market in December of 2018 was undeniable.

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What We Learned from Canadian Banks Q1 2019 Earnings

05 March, 2019

Canadian banks are important…not just to Goodreid’s clients (although they are very important to us, comprising nearly 20% of our Canadian portfolio), but to the overall direction of the S&P TSX Composite Index...

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Don’t be ‘P.O.d’ by Your IPO

08 November, 2017

Investment lore tells us that “there’s gold in them there hills”, when it comes to initial public offerings (IPOs) of stocks. Surely everyone has heard stories of those fortunate enough to “get in on the ground floor” of McDonalds, Microsoft,...

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Goodreid Turns 30

26 September, 2016

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of an investment approach developed to aid investors who were searching for a path to long-term wealth creation.

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In Defence Of Active Management

18 August, 2016

On August 4th, the Globe and Mail reported that just 17% of large-capitalization equity fund managers in Canada outperformed their benchmark in the second quarter, which proved to be the worst quarter for active managers in at least 17 years.

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Trust The Math

12 February, 2016

Market corrections are uncomfortable. Investors’ emotional responses are rooted in the worry that a catastrophe will occur.

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Investing, Not Gambling

03 September, 2014

It seems that every time I look at the Business section of a newspaper or tune into a Business channel someone is asking whether we should “take some off the table”. This bugs me on a couple of levels.

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