Client Reporting

In addition to transaction reporting provided by Custodians, Goodreid produces Performance Reporting to every client on a quarterly basis. The distinction is that custodial statements provide information on what has occurred in the account and the performance report tells clients how their assets have done.

Returns are provided for the most recent quarter, Year to Date, since the inception of the account, and each calendar period since the inception of the account. Returns are calculated using a Modified Dietz methodology, which takes into account cash flows and the timing of cash flows. Returns are compared to a personalized and customized benchmark which is constructed for each client based on their Investment Policy Statement, which defines a targeted asset mix.

Market and economic commentary is included in each report, highlighting areas that Goodreid considers noteworthy to the investment environment. Normally two securities held by Goodreid clients are reviewed. The remainder of the report is dedicated to the detail of each client’s holdings, including cost prices, market values and estimated annual income from each security and in total.

T forms for tax reporting are provided by the custodian. Capital gain reports and investment management receipts are provided annually directly by Goodreid.