Investment Team Structure

Goodreid’s investment team is organized into two groups: Market Facing Portfolio Managers and Client Facing Portfolio Managers.  Each of our professionals is registered with provincial securities regulators. Gordon Reid is the Chief Investment Officer. Within our group we have two CFA Charterholders, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA,CA), and two individuals holding professional Financial Planning designations. 

Market Facing Portfolio Managers

Goodreid’s ‘market-facing’ portfolio managers are primarily responsible for making the investment decisions for all Goodreid clients.  They manage Goodreid’s U.S. & Canadian portfolios and lead portfolio model construction, investment research, risk management, and support our client-facing team.










Client Facing Portfolio Managers

Goodreid’s ‘client-facing’ portfolio managers focus their attention on the individual needs of clients.  Portfolio managers work with their clients to establish investment goals, construct a personalized asset mix, conduct financial planning, and monitor clients’ portfolios to make certain they are synchronized with investment objectives. While each client has a dedicated lead manager, our investment team collaborates on all accounts.