Our Approach

Goodreid provides a complete investment management service beginning with the Goodreid Investor Discovery, a process that allows for a comprehensive assessment of each client’s circumstances. With this foundation of information, understanding and knowledge, an Investor Roadmap can be created which defines goals and objectives and sets risk parameters for the client’s account. Accounts are carefully constructed in accordance with the client’s stated objectives. Each quarter clients receive a comprehensive performance reporting package designed to show how the client’s account has performed in absolute terms but also when compared to their customized benchmark, which is synchronized with their asset mix.

Although Goodreid has clients who are in need of a specialized account (i.e. U.S. Large Cap Equities only), the majority of our clients employ a balanced approach with allocations to Fixed Income as well as Canadian and U.S equity markets.

Investment Management Process

Goodreid has created a disciplined management process designed to deliver superior investment management products, communication and services to clients.