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Goodreid welcomes Robert Gill, Canadian Portfolio Manager

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Gordon Reid, President & CEO of Goodreid Investment Counsel Corp. is delighted to announce the appointment of Robert Gill as Senior Vice-President and Canadian Portfolio Manager.  

Robert is joining Goodreid from a prominent Investment Counsel firm, where he was Canadian Equity Portfolio Manager to institutional and high net worth clients.  “We are excited to have someone of Rob’s calibre join the Goodreid investment team”, said Mr. Reid. “His approach and track record clearly illustrate his strong understanding of investment management, and in particular, the Canadian equity market”. He will work closely with Goodreid’s team of Portfolio Managers and support personnel.

Robert brings over 20 years of progressive experience in the investment management industry. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree from Queen’s University and a Masters degree in Management, Economics and International Relations from the University of St. Andrew’s, in St. Andrew’s, Scotland. He has completed executive education in value investing at Columbia University in New York and studied investment management at Harvard Business School. 

Robert is a guest speaker to the M.B.A. value investing class at the University of Toronto, and he also instructs an investment course to pension fund trustees through the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans.

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