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Investing, Not Gambling

September 03, 2014

It seems that every time I look at the Business section of a newspaper or tune into a Business channel someone is asking whether we should “take some off the table”. This bugs me on a couple of levels.

First, there is a linkage to gambling, and prudent and disciplined investors know that there is so much more to investing than “throwing some money at the market”. A review of this website will provide ample evidence of why seasoned managers with a structured approach outperform over the long term. Secondly, the term encourages market timing, a practice which a great majority of professional managers know to be a losing strategy. We have a great article on this subject written by Andrew Budd, one of our Associate Portfolio Managers, in the E-Article section of our website and there is also an excellent article posted in the Media section of our website.

Gordon Reid

President & CEO

Gordon Reid, President and CEO of Goodreid Investment Counsel Corp., entered the financial services business in 1985 and co-founded Goodreid Investment Strategy, one of Canada's first fully discretionary "high net worth" wrap accounts.

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